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Josh DeAraugo

My name is Josh DeAraugo.


I have spent most of my life playing music and my entire life, being surrounded by it.

I come from a very musical family and for as long as I can remember, music has been my thing.


As I’ve grown older, my relationship with music hasn’t changed but the way I play it and who I get to play it with has.


I started out just playing the guitar. My Dad always played music in bands and I always loved that. As I got a little more confident on the guitar, he invited me to come along and play a few songs with him at some of his gigs.

Slowly but surely, I built my confidence and ability on the guitar to a level where I could play a whole night.

Every song.

The more I did this, the more I fell in love with playing music and the joy that the crowd would get as the night went on.


Whether it’s a birthday party or wedding reception or any kind of event where a good time is required, I love providing that.


One thing I’ve spent a lot of time getting right is knowing what songs to play at what time.
I never use a set list.

I just read the room and play the song that is needed and nothing is better than taking requests. It makes for the ultimate crowd experience.

I know hundreds of songs and whether it’s a sing along that has everyone arm in arm, swaying back and forth, singing at the top of their lungs, a flat out dance song that brings out all the best moves or it’s the entire room belting out a “BUP BUP BAAAH” when I sing “Sweet Caroline”, the right song at the right time is the key.


For information on what sort of options are available, check out the BOOKINGS page and if you want to get in touch, head to the CONTACT page.


Thanks for checking me out.

Photo by Michael Lean - Culture Hitch Styled Shoot - May 2023


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