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Josh DeAraugo

Depending on your event, there's a heap of different options.

Whether you're wanting a solo acoustic guitar thing or you're after a duo with a keyboard player or another guitarist or singer, there's a lot of choices.

There's the option for a trio with three guitars or a keyboard player and a second guitarist and an additional singer.


Maybe you want the full band with drums and electric guitars and everything! 

The beauty of all this is that because there are so many options,

I'm sure we'll be able to provide exactly what you want.

Just tell me what you want and we'll work it out. 


As there are heaps of contributing factors to consider for any event, the best way to determine the price is to send through as much information as you can and what you're wanting lineup wise and I'll work out a price for you, quickly and easily.

The more information I get, the easier it is to determine the price.

I provide all the necessary PA and lighting equipment that I need and pride myself on a high quality performance that looks and sounds great.

I'm always on time and we always have a good time.

To book, head to the Contact page and send me through some information and we'll make a plan.


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